4 Tips to Make Your Living Room Stand Out


When you envision your new living room, do you have a clear picture in mind? Or are you still trying to work out how to translate your tastes into a distinct and beautiful design aesthetic?

While resale homes often force you to work within some of the limits set by previous owners, a new construction home gives you a great deal more flexibility with your interiors. That being said, most of us need a little direction when it comes to transforming a new home into a warm, inviting living space. The options for DIY design are endless, which means lots of opportunities to make your space your own, but the sheer number of decor options can become dizzying.

These tips can help steer you toward decorating choices that will create a look and feel unique to you and your lifestyle.


Tip #1: Start off with the right color palette

The trick to selecting the right color palette is deciding whether you want to approach color as a neutral background or allow it to take center stage. If you have an overarching design style in mind, this can be a good starting point for color selection.

For example, nature-based decor often features colors found in—you guessed it—nature. Think robin’s egg blue, grassy greens, and woodsy browns. Wallpaper with nature prints can help create an eye-catching accent wall that will blend well in a nature-themed living space. By contrast, the trendy Memphis design style lends itself to a mix of primary colors and geometric patterns. 

Your chosen color palette should be a jumping-off point for picking everything from wall paint to furniture. Don’t forget to take the room’s natural lighting into account—colors can appear dramatically different throughout the day.


Tip #2: Choose functional furniture that fits your style

Modern furniture choices run the gamut from stately, dramatic sofas and chairs to modern Scandinavian-influenced pieces featuring clean lines and simple design.

One unifying design element common to just about any design style is functionality. You’ll be able to source comfortable, livable furniture in just about any aesthetic you choose—you’re limited only by your imagination. 

It can be tricky to envision furniture selection and placement in a brand new living space. Consider using an online virtual room designer that allows you to move furniture around in a simulated model of your home as a starting point.


Tip #3: Incorporate personal touches

Don’t be afraid to personalize your new living room. You can find hundreds of ideas for customized artwork, furniture, textiles, and more, designed to fit any decorating style.

Here are a few unique, personalized ideas to get you started:

  • Anniversary artwork featuring seminal dates and places in your relationship
  • A personalized family crest tapestry or wood carving for over the fireplace
  • Treasured family photos printed on canvas, wood, metal, or glass

Consider integrating one-of-a-kind heirlooms into your decor in the living room. Often, these items sit in storage for years for fear of damage. You’ll derive a lot more joy from your great-grandmother’s gorgeous antique vase if you include it in an everyday space.


Tip #4: Make it pop with accents

Once you’ve pulled together a cozy, inviting living space, take a step back and look for areas that could benefit from a little “pop.”

Neutral decor, in particular, provides the perfect backdrop for brightly colored accent pillows, light-catching glass art, fun lamps, and rugs or curtains with interesting patterns.  

The key to effective accenting is to strike the right balance. Accent pieces are meant to enhance a room’s overall decor, but they shouldn’t be so distracting that they take over.


The Takeaway

If you’re still feeling intimidated by the idea of decorating your brand-new living room from scratch, reach out to a local interior decorator. These professionals sometimes offer affordable consultations that can get you started on the right path.

Luckily, having a newly built home means that you have a completely fresh start. Your new home’s clean slate is an opportunity to really make your space special, and if you picked your production build before the house was constructed, you can start planning your décor long before you move in. 

With these tips, your new living room will become the place where you create countless cherished memories before you know it.