5 Houseplants to Spruce Up Your Home



You’re finally moving into your new construction home. Most of the furniture is there, but something’s missing. Your space should feel inviting and uniquely yours, but it needs something more—something a little green, maybe. Houseplants are a great addition to any home, but they can truly work wonders when you want to warm up a newly constructed space. 

Your new home is a blank slate, and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to decorating—especially when you first move in. A houseplant is a perfect way to get started, giving your home an immediate dose of life and color and freshening the air at the same time.

Wondering which are the best houseplants for new homes? Here’s your quick guide to the best greenery for your new space.


1. Peace Lily

This popular plant is a beautiful addition to any room, without being too difficult to care for. It is also known to neutralize toxins like carbon monoxide, and just generally makes the air cleaner and fresher.

The pretty, white bloom of the peace lily lends some extra elegance to your space, and it’s easy to grow too. Unlike many houseplants, the peace lily droops when dry, letting you know when it’s time to give it a drink. It prefers indirect light and warm temperatures, so keep it away from open, bright windows. With a little fertilizer, you’ll get gorgeous new blooms to complement your newly constructed home.  


2. Bamboo Palm

If you have a corner in a room or a hallway that could use some beautifying, try a bamboo palm. One of the most popular new home houseplants, the deep-jade fronds of the bamboo palm can grow up to six feet high and require very little light. This plant is one of the most powerful ways to rid a new home the unpleasant odors that may come with freshly painted walls, and adds a tropical look that interior designers and fashion-forward homeowners love.


3. Spider Plant

If you were born without a green thumb, you might just be looking for a plant you can keep alive. If that’s the case, look no further than the spider plant. Also known as “hens and chickens,” this is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for, and also provides excellent air quality benefits.

Buy a hanging basket for your spider plant or place it atop newly constructed shelves to allow the delicate fronds to hang down beautifully. Just water it weekly, and this plant goes to work making your home comfortable and your air clean.


4. Corn Plant

These upright shrubs are one of the best houseplants for new homes because they’re so easy to care for. Corn plants like moderate, indirect light, cool temperatures, and a sparse watering schedule. The plant’s variegated green striped leaves grow slowly, so instead of spending time pruning, you can focus on decorating other areas of your new home.


5. Aloe Vera

An extremely hardy and incredibly useful plant, aloe vera is one of the best choices for your new home. It is happiest in a sunny window and doesn’t mind if you are too busy unpacking to remember to water it. Plus, it can be used as a quick first aid to treat minor cuts and burns—perfect for families with kids.


The Takeaway

There’s no reason to break the bank on decorations when you move into your new construction home. Plants are the perfect affordable for adding some warmth and style to a new space, while also doing double-duty to keep the air clean. The right plant will put you at ease in any room, and help you take the first steps toward making your new house a home.