5 Simple Steps to Find New Construction Home Builders


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When searching for a new construction home, it’s important to find the right home builder for you. Choosing the right builder to work with will help streamline the process and make it a stress-free experience. Searching for the right builder might be overwhelming at first, but following our tips below will help make that process much easier. 

Step 1:  Finding New Home Builders Near You

Use a search tool to find home builders and review home-types that meet your needs. New Home Guide has a search tool allowing you to find builders near you. This list contains both national and local builders, so you have the widest selection of home builders to choose from. Read more about the builders, the communities they build in, and view home styles and plans to see if they are the right match for you.

Step 2: Identify your Needs

What type of new home community are you interested in living in? Do you want to live in a neighborhood with backyard BBQs and pool parties, or would you prefer a more secluded community?  Many builders specialize in certain types of homes, and this can help narrow down your search. If you aren’t sure about particular features, you can work directly with the builder you choose to find something that checks off all your boxes and fits your budget.

Step 2:  Turn to Trusted State and Local Associations.

Reputable builders are not shy about having their work verified by local and state associations.   consider contacting associations in your area directly to see what builders they recommend.

You will also want to verify that the builder is a member of the state licensing board. 

The good news is that by using New Home Guide, you are guaranteed to see only the most reputable builders in the industry. 

Step 3:  Turn to friends and family

Ask friends and family about their experiences with buying new construction. What did they like or not like about the builder they chose? What did they enjoy most (or least) about the process of building their new home?

Step 5: Tour and Ask Questions

Once you have found a few builders you would like to work with, we recommend setting up a time to meet the builder, tour their model homes, and ask them questions. This is your time to ask the builder whatever you want, whether it’s about how the design process works, new home warranties, or project-length requirements.

Once you have chosen your builder, you can work together to design the home of your dreams with all of the features you want. And New Home Guide can help you get there.