Buying a New Home vs. an Existing Home


new home v existing

Buying a new construction home is a great way to save money during the home buying process. You read that right, you can be fiscally responsible while simultaneously purchasing a new home! People who have been through the new home buying journey often say “building new is a homebuyer’s best kept secret,” because you won’t actually buy the home until you close on it, and that won’t happen until after construction is complete. New home construction times can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, though your builder will do whatever they can to adhere to your moving schedule. There are plenty of other benefits to buying new construction, and we’ve listed several below.

The cost

Home shoppers are often surprised to hear that new homes can save them money. Depending on the features and additions you want, a new home may be lower than the cost of an existing one. You’ll also save money over the life of the loan and the home.

New homes are more energy efficient due to newer systems and up-to-date technology, and your energy bill will be notably lower. With everything from appliances to solar energy, new homes are built to conserve energy and tend to be better insulated. In addition to energy saving costs, keep in mind that a new home requires less maintenance. With new homes, you don’t have to worry about old pipes, or wonder when that old roof will spring a leak. Everything in the home is brand new, and will last much longer before you have to replace anything. This also means that appliances and other features will also be covered under warranty. 


When choosing or building a new home, there are lots of upgrades you can make to customize your home to better suit your needs and preferences.  You can choose something as simple as upgrading paint, to upgrading the flooring and cabinetry throughout the home. If you choose to customize your entire home, you can work with your builder to design your dream home.

Modern living

Now-a-days new homes are smarter, easier, and faster. You can install the latest technology, so your home will be sending you reminders to change the air filter, buy milk, replace a lightbulb, or give you the functionality to adjust your thermostat from across the country. A modern home is designed to keep your family and your home safe and comfortable.


Gone are the days of Stepford Wife-esque communities lining treeless, uniform streets. New home communities today must appeal to the millennial generation (and we have good taste, so the bar has been set pretty high). If you choose to live in a master plan community, there are top-rated schools, trails, parks, and sports facilities – many within walking distance or just a short drive away. These new home communities have easy access to commute routes and cater to extracurricular evens like weekend BBQs or concerts in the park. You can design your dream home, and have it located near everything you want for a newly growing family, or just for yourself in a new stage of adulthood.

Convinced? Start searching for your new home today.  You can choose to find a builder to work with directly, or select a brand new community in an area that piques your interest.