How Long Does It Take to Build a New Home?




It’s easy to see the appeal of building a new home. Instead of accepting someone else’s vision, you can choose exactly the layout and features that will meet your family’s needs. 

When you build a new construction home from scratch, there is some time involved. You’ve got to pick and finalize a design and work through the construction process. The end product is worth the wait, but you should understand the time commitment before you begin the process. 

Here’s a typical timeline for new home builds. 


How long does building a new home take?

Step One: Finalizing a design. 

Two to six weeks. 

The time required for this step depends on the type of new construction that you’re beginning. There are three major types, and each will add a different amount of time to the process.

  • Production homes. This is the fastest option for a simple reason: most of the design process is already taken care of. You’ll be choosing from a predetermined list of layouts and features, and your home will be part of a larger developmental project. Expect to get your blueprints finalized within two weeks. 
  • Custom homes. These require more time because the builder will design your blueprints from scratch. The exact time required will depend in part on your ability to make decisions quickly. If you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, expect this process to take four to six weeks. 
  • Semi-custom homes. You will choose from an expanded list of options. The process will be quicker than designing a fully custom home—it usually takes two to three weeks.


Step Two: Building permits and site preparation. 

Two to four months.

Once your blueprints are finished, your builder will apply for building permits. If your design is straightforward and your local government isn’t swamped, this can be finished in a few days. It can also stretch out for several months. 

When the permits are secured, construction crews will begin grading the lot (basically, moving dirt around) and pulling out trees if necessary. Construction engineers will “stake” or mark out your site according to your plans.

Step Three: Construction

Three months to one year. 

There are several factors involved here. 

  • The speed of your builder. What sort of reputation for efficiency does the group have?
  • The complexity and size of your home’s design. Is it a simple build or a custom job that requires slow-moving artisans? 
  • The season. Construction is slower in the rain and during the winter. Wet conditions slow progress. 


The Final Answer

In the fastest scenario, you could see your new home completed in less than six months. In the slowest, it could take up to two years to complete a more custom project.

Most homes will fall somewhere in the middle of this range with the average being about 8 months from start to finish. There are many variables involved in the process of building a new home; it’s important to choose a good builder who can take control of the process and deliver the project on time.