How to Make a New Home Your Own

Personalize your New Home

You just received the keys to your new home. Walking into the property, you notice the blank walls, the barren rooms, and an echo throughout the property that could run chills down the spine of even the most daring homeowner. Moving to your new home is an exciting process, but the unfamiliarity of the home combined with the vacancy of personality can leave you feeling underwhelmed. Create a lasting bond between yourself and your new home by adding your own personal touches in these quick and easy steps.

Start with the Walls

While eggshell white walls can certainly permit for simply decoration, adding some color to the walls transforms your house to a home and gives personal flair to each room. A trip to the paint section at your home improvement store will allow you to pick any shade, tint or hue that your heart desire. Wall decorating does not just end at paint, though! Kitchen walls can be adorned with backsplashes that can protect the walls from cooking splashes and add additional uniqueness to your home.

Stick and Go!

If backsplashes and paint are past your zone of comfort, you may want to investigate wall decals: simple, easy to apply stickers that can transform even the most monotonous wall into one with charm and depth in a matter of minutes. If this simple wall transformation is up your alley, you may also enjoy its window equivalent: the window film. Similarly to wall decals, window film is easy to apply and comes in a large variety. Window film is a great solution for window privacy while still allowing natural light to pass through the windows. The window films designs range from a simple frosted coat to a dramatic cathedral style stain glass to a rustic floral background. No matter what design suits your home and personal preferences best, stylish window privacy can be yours in minutes.

Roll out the Textiles

Textiles are a welcomed addition to any home, as they provide comfort, privacy, and an almost indefinable level of hominess to your abode. Whether they are covering an unsightly floor stain, protecting your outdoor patio, or simply providing more plush platforms throughout your home, rugs are yet another simple addition that transform homes from barren to bountiful. Fortunately, rugs are yet another simple home addition with exponential options. With numerous size dimensions, color schemes, patterns, and ply length, there is certainly a rug (or two) out there for you and your home.

Add Furnishing

While adding furnishing is seemingly the most obvious step in the moving process, it does require some thought and preplanning. Your current or future furniture should compliment the layout of the home, allowing easy movement through the property. It should also be equally complimentary to you: look for furniture that will suit your personal needs as well as your style. Having a nook for reading, painting or practicing a skill can make the house feel more personal to you; if you have any hobbies, consider dedicating an area in the home so that you may practice them there.


Now comes time for the decorations. Rather than focusing on what might be trending in art style, think about what topics or ideas are important to you, and reflect that in your decoration choices. In doing so, you will provide an environment with art that is more unique and personally meaningful. Framed pictures of family and friends can also instantly add warmth to your home.

Flora & Fauna

Whether you are a plant minimalist or a gardener extraordinaire, adding plants to your home is a quick way to beautify and personalize your home. Houseplants are an easy addition to homes, and can typically require less maintenance than outdoor plants. Some plants, such as the Orchid, need humidity and thrive in bathrooms or kitchens. Other plants, such as the Peace lily, require small amounts of light, and can naturally purify the air in your home. Hearty ferns and other low-maintenance garden plants can be added to your lawn to bring organic luster to your property. If you are willing to put in a little more elbow grease, gardens for butterfly beds, vegetables, or herbs can be added to create a bountiful and recompensing environment.

Moving into a new home can certainly be a daunting thought, but there are numerous simple solutions that can be implemented to transform the blank canvas of your home into a personal masterpiece. No matter how much or how little effort you put into your new home maintenance, the efforts provide another level of ownership and accomplishment in creating your home.

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