Making a House a Home


New homes can feel a little foreign, at first. As a new homeowner, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start customizing and personalizing. Do you buy furniture or paint the walls first? What’s the best use of that bonus room? As the saying goes: “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.”  Some small changes can provide that cozy, warm feeling that turns your house into a true home.   Keep reading for some ideas to get you started:


Give a room more depth and character by painting the entire room, an accent wall, or the ceiling. A more open and airy feeling can also be achieved by painting the inside of your closets or bookcases.

Think outside of the box. Walls are not the only thing you can customize with paint.  Showcase your signature style by painting other objects as well.  Old furniture can be freshened up with a new coat of paint to make them pop.  Even adding some fresh stains to wooden furniture can revitalize both the piece and the room.


Mirrors are a great way to create an open space and enhance the room’s natural lighting. You can lean large mirrors against a wall, or rest it on a mantel.  Mirrors not only make rooms seem bigger and brighter but also provide some much-needed texture.  Your frame choice can add another dimension to the wall, and act as a statement piece that draws people in.


Nothing makes a room more alive than adding some subtle hints of nature. Think freshly cut flowers, branches, river rocks, pine cones, or even small desktop fountains. These decorations can be easily alternated throughout the seasons, allowing you to easily (and affordably) change the feel of a room.

Art and Photographs

Art that decorates your home should represent who you are. Do you love music? Frame some posters of your favorite bands. Do you love sculpture? Have a signature piece in each main room of your home. Are you big into floral patterns, but don’t want to go full wallpaper? Glass frame floral patterns are a gorgeous accent to any wall. Do you love vintage photography? Make that a calling card for your home. Display Wares

Consider displaying your decorative dishes, bowls, pitchers, and similar items. You can place them on tables, counters, bookcases, or even hang them on the wall. These items will give your home character and add a unique charm. They’re also a handy way to absorb space on a particularly large kitchen counter.

Things that Spark Joy

If you have an item you love, or that sparks joy whenever you look at it, consider making it a focal point of a room.  Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, walks you through this process; finding items that spark joy in your home, and helping you cut down on items that may just be cluttering your space.

Home is what you make it. Create an environment you love being in. Your home should be with a reflection of you and your loved ones. Home is not always about what you own, but the memories you make within its walls.