Top Home Design Trends of 2019


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Building a brand new home is an exciting experience. You control all the upgrades and features, from the amount of electrical sockets to the type of flooring used. This also means there are more options to choose from, and creating the unique feel and personality of your home is a project in itself. Here are some trending home design features for 2019 that may help inspire you when working with your new home builder.

Kitchens: Trending kitchen designs focus around backsplashes and lighting. Backsplashes are being extended to the full height of the wall creating a beautiful focal point for the kitchen. While white subway tile backsplashes are popular, you don’t have to limit yourself to lighter colors. Bright geometric shaped tiles are also showing up in a lot of kitchens these days. Pair this with floating shelves, and it creates a very clean and cohesive look.

Natural elements and lighting will also continue to play a big role in the kitchen for 2019. We are seeing trends of floor-to-ceiling window-walls, opening up the space and letting natural light in as much as possible. To allow more space for windows, homeowners are removing cabinets on at least one wall and electing for longer drawers and walk-in pantries. In addition to window-walls, kitchens that open up directly to a back deck or patio are seeing a surge in popularity. Having a large glass door that opens directly into a small garden patio to enjoy breakfast is capturing a lot of interest.

Bathrooms: Like kitchens, bathrooms are getting a bit of a makeover as well–especially the bathtub.   We are seeing homeowners make the tub a focal point, with a beautiful free-standing destination tub creating a spa-like atmosphere for the homeowner to unwind and relax after a stressful day. These tubs are given great views near expansive windows, creating an oasis of ultimate serenity.

Bathrooms are also bringing in many natural wood elements into vanities and countertops. This adds warmth to the normal cold-white tile seen throughout and it creates a homey and relaxing environment.  Wood on wood is becoming quite popular, especially lighter wood that shows off natural elements like the grain pattern and knots.

Living Rooms: Living room walls are getting a wardrobe change in 2019. Color preferences trend in and out, and currently paint choices are taking a complete 180. The bright whites and beiges of today are gradually being replaced by moody and dark color palettes that highlight room décor, adding a cozy feel.  Popular colors include dark hunter’s green, navy blue, and even black.  Designers are also stepping it up a notch by creating accent rooms: painting the walls, baseboards, and ceilings of one room all the same color.

Other ways to add warmth to your living room, without going for the darker pallet, are custom wood wall treatments or an accent wall: adding warmer colored woods to create a natural and inviting space.

You can also incorporate wood and natural elements through exposed wooden beams, with darker wood contrasting against lighter toned walls. Spanish and Mediterranean influences are a big hit as far as living room designs go, creating a casual and communal place to relax with friends and family.

These new home design trends are so exciting; we could go on forever. We hope this offered inspiration for your new home.  If you haven’t started the design process yet, you can use our site to locate home construction companies in your area that will help you get one step closer to creating that dream space to call home.